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Levels of Care

When it comes to addiction treatment, there are several levels of care one may expect to receive.

Clinical Services

We have created a carefully designed clinical curriculum based on the belief that recovery is a process of addition, not subtraction.

Types of Therapy

Our clinical program emphasizes the use of one or more of these research based therapeutic programs to help heal our clients who have an array of underlying conditions that might have led to their addictive behaviors.

Mental Health

We believe it is paramount that substance abuse programs provide dual diagnosis treatment to address both the substance use disorder and any underlying mental health conditions.

Family Program

We are here to help family members navigate the difficult waters of recovery so they can advocate their needs and still be supportive to the people they care about.

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What’s An Intervention?

What’s An Intervention? It can be incredibly challenging to sit idle while watching a friend or loved one struggle with substance use disorder (SUD). One of the common themes you’ll hear in recovery is, “I wasn’t ready to accept help until I hit my rock bottom.” While...

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What To Expect In Treatment

Levels of Care Are you or a loved one considering addiction treatment options? If so, one of the first things you’ll probably wonder is what to expect in treatment. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t very simple, but we’ll give it our best shot to inform you of the broad...

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Healthy Boundaries In Relationships

Why Are Boundaries Important? Before diving into why boundaries are important, let’s begin with what boundaries are. Simply put, boundaries are physical or emotional limits to help someone safeguard their well-being. Unhealthy boundaries are thoughts and actions used...

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