With no cost and no questions asked, Narcan vending machines are becoming common place in many cities across the US. In an effort to mitigate the growing number of opioid overdoses, Narcan vending machines, which are open 24 hours a day, 7days a week, strive to put the life saving antidote into the hands of the public.

Historically only available to first responders, Narcan -vended in the form of a nasal spray- can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. When made more widely and readily available to the general public, Narcan can and will save more lives.

From cities like Philadelphia to Hardin County Kentucky, these dispensers are seeing a great deal of traffic and are refilled regularly.

“Police Chief Kenneth Mattingly says he got the idea for the vending machine after responding to an emergency call earlier this year…

The Vine Grove Police Department installed the machine last week and it was emptied within 36 hours. Mattingly admitted he was suspicious at first.

“It’s video-monitored, so I went back and watched the video, wondering if someone was coming in and taking five or six or ten, but I never saw that,” Mattingly said. “I would go outside when someone would pull up and watch them, and they’d take one and sit there and read the literature, so I think it’s doing some good.”

Each dose of Narcan comes with information on addiction treatment and recovery.”

With opioid addiction and overdose numbers on the rise, these vending machines will likely become common place in many more communities. Will they help? That is the hope of all.

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