Our Mission

Our aim is to empower our clients to find their own pathway to mental health and addiction recovery. We do this by providing everyone who comes through our doors with the proper education and addiction support to help build the right scaffolding to support them long after they leave our program. 

We recognize that our clients come from all walks of life and in order to carefully cultivate their treatment plan, we must first provide them with the right environment to promote trust and security. For this reason, our clinical team seeks to create an emotionally and physically safe environment for our clients by encouraging the use of appropriate language, setting appropriate sociocultural norms and making space for equal and open communication. All of our staff strive to uphold our organization’s values in our efforts to create the best possible treatment experience for our clients.


Our Values For Addiction Support Include:

Show respect for each individual
Behave ethically
Be other-centric
Show gratitude and compassion toward ourselves and others
Support emotional and mental growth
Commitment to the welfare and safety of ourselves and others
Courage to do what is best, even when it is difficult
Remain non-judgemental and open to new perspectives

We provide the help you need

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