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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is either an inability or an unwillingness to stop any recurrent use of substances. This creates harmful consequences in one’s personal life, professional responsibilities, interpersonal relationships, and more. Fortunately, many types of addiction treatment options are available.

Changes occur in ones brain function and structure due to prolonged substance use. Someone suffering from SUD is unable to stop on their own, despite their best efforts or strongest desires. Moreover, SUD is mostly brought on by either a significant life event (trauma) or habits that have gradually increased over time. Importantly, pre-existing mental health or physiological conditions can impact this process and professional intervention becomes necessary. Regardless of the severity (or complexity) of your addiction, treatment can be beneficial and life-changing. 

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Ascent Clinical Services is comprised of professionals who want to help create a process of recovery that fits your unique circumstances. This means identifying psychological and behavioral patterns that have contributed to your chemical dependency or symptoms of substance abuse. Moreover, by using appropriate levels of care, along with an array of research-based therapeutic approaches, we help our clients maintain a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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