Methamphetamine substance abuse is an incredibly strong stimulant that is primarily used in a powder form to be inhaled nasally, injected intravenously or crystallized and smoked. According to a 2020 SAMHSA study, approximately 2 million Americans aged 12 and older use methamphetamine every year. Meth works by releasing high amounts of dopamine in the brain and impacting your brain’s limbic system, the reward center of the brain. After continued use, your brain and body start to become dependent on methamphetamine and you begin to go through withdrawal after stopping. Meth is notorious in the addiction industry for being one of the most difficult substances to stop. For this reason, many professionals recommend finding a meth rehab to help you cease your methamphetamine dependency. 

Some of the most common symptoms with methamphetamine substance abuse include:

Intense euphoria 

Increased heart rate and blood pressure, and potentially fatal cardiovascular problems

Increased wakefulness
Increased physical activity 
Decreased appetite, extreme anorexia 
Respiratory problems 
Anxiety, paranoia, or fear
Potential exposure to HIV/Aids for individuals injecting meth

If you or someone you know is showing any of these signs or symptoms and or reports heavy use of meth, please reach out for help. Contact us today to begin your journey of physical and psychological healing.

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