Sober Living

What’s Sober Living?

Sober living programs, also known as extended care facilities are designed to provide people with a safe and supportive environment to live in. They are great for individuals who have recently left a residential treatment center or need to step up their level of care from outpatient programming. Additionally, sober living is great for providing around the clock accountability and supervision. They also help build a strong recovery community both inside of your program and out.

Moreover, studies suggest that people in recovery who use these programs are more likely to maintain long-term sobriety. They are designed for people to live in for as long as they need. This can be as minimal as a month or as much as a year or more. One of the greatest aspects these programs provide is time to recover in a safe place. It takes months for the brain to heal from substance abuse and create desired behavioral changes. Since new neural pathways take several months to evolve, programs like sober living are essential for creating long lasting recovery.


Our Approach

Since insurance policies don’t cover sober living treatment the quality of care varies tremendously. The most expensive programs will provide “the works” while the least expensive will provide the bare minimum needed to support you. Our program tries to find a middle ground between providing great treatment support at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, one of the most important elements of our program is safety. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Some of the steps we take include background screening for our staff, randomized drug screening for clients, scheduled supervisions with family and friends, and 24/7 housing staff to monitor and hold our clients accountable. Once we achieve physical safety, we can begin to establish emotional and spiritual safety. This enables our clients to openly express themselves and find support in their recovery journey.

At Ascent Clinical Services, we truly believe the best support for addiction is a holistic approach. One of the key features that separates any sober living program from residential treatment is clinical curriculum. We make up for the absence of clinical curriculum with personalized case management and self care routines. If our clients require additional support, we have connections in the area to provide incredible outpatient services.


Some of the things our program includes are:

  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Case management
  • Regular access to exercise equipment
  • Outdoor activities and sober events
  • Random drug and alcohol screening
  • Basic living essentials (towels, bed sheets, etc)
  • Peer to peer support

We provide the help you need

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