Historically, Denver Colorado has not had robust sober living options. Whereas the east coast has had a system of affordable sober living for over 30 years, Denver has only recently seen major improvements in Sober living options. In 2022 Denver sober living finally has grown to a stage where those looking for help can find it.

Sober living, Recovery Residences, Sober Living Environments (SLE’s) are, “organizations that provide safe housing, supportive, structured living conditions for people exiting drug and alcohol rehab facilities.” These organizations generally provide alcohol and drug free environments for those attempting to remain clean and sober. Sober Living programs have a plethora of amenities that can assist those in the recovery process. From farms, to horses, to sober activities and community building, sober living provides options and supports to those in the recovery process.

Some things to consider when looking for sober living in Colorado are;

  • What is the cost?
  • What are the amenities of the program?
  • Is there 24 supervisions?
  • What is the drug testing policy?
  • What happens if someone relapses or lapses?
  • Is there treatment involved?

Colorado Sober Living

Many Colorado sober living organizations pair intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) with sober living to form a comprehensive model of care. This collaboration between formal treatment and sober living has been shown to dramatically improve outcomes. This combination allows a participant to experience the safety and stability of a supportive living environment alongside the benefits of formal substance use disorder treatment.

For those looking for Denver Sober Living, we know that getting the support in a timely manner is supportive. At Ascent Clinical Services we believe in a holistic model of care that works with each person individually to develop a comprehensive relapse prevention program as well as treatment goals and local resource opportunities.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and looking for Denver sober living, Denver drug rehab, Denver alcohol rehab, or Denver addiction counseling, call Ascent Clinical Services today for a free assessment.